Monday, April 23, 2018

Kashan Fin Garden

While in Kashan we visited the Fin Garden
...established centuries ago by the Safavid rulers and then extended over time.
In the pavilion there were beautiful decorations on the under sides of the arches.

Travelling from Abyaneh to Yazd

Blue sky, arid landscape and trucks.


In the middle of nowhere... a caravansary converted into a modern boutique hotel while keeping the atmosphere of the original purpose.

On the road from Tehran to Abyaneh

Mostly dry unrelenting landscape with occasional green patches.

Kashan- rose water and a merchant's house

First stop after the hustle and bustle of Tehran was Keshan. It is famous for its rose water.
There we visited the house of a rich merchant. It was built several meters below the street level so that it was cool. In the central courtyard there was a pool and garden. The decorations were delicate and extensive.

Bathhouse now Ethnographic Museum

This hammam in Kerman was a little museum showing the functions of the bath house in days gone by. The tiles were beautiful, and ambiance of the building was very calming.

Ganj-Ali khan complex

A beautifully restored old caravansary.