Thursday, November 30, 2017

Last art class for this year

SO lucky to have had Graeme Drendel as our teacher for this year. A finalist in the Moran Prize. He finished the lesson with a virtuoso demonstration of how to do a self portrait.
I have so appreciated his gentle and generous teaching style.
We are all having a rest until February when classes stsry again.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Forms of Life

An exhibition at the Melbourne Uni Ian Potter Gallery featuring ceramics, painting and drawings based on the relationship between symbols and images of ancient artefacts and contemporary images. Angela Brennan's work is displayed alongside ancient Greek and Cypriot artifacts.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lungomare Reggio Calabria

The sea is this blue. Never tired of looking at it.

Local Fruit Shop Reggio Calabria

Tutti i Frutti..... so gorgeous.

Davide Balula

At Gagosian Gallery Rome. Beautiful wotk by French artist Davide Balula exploring natural materials. Visitors were invited to handle the heavy metal balls presented embedded in a marble table. Other works included charred wood which wad used to print on canvas. 

Francesco Trombadori

Stumbled upon this retrospective of Francesco Trombadori (1886-1961) at the Rome Galleria d'Arte Moderna. It was interesting to see the works .... an added bonus was commentary  which included a potted history of modern art in Italy.

Church of San Luigi dei Francesci

One of the reasons for travelling.... to see magnificent works of art such as these three works depicting scenes from the life of St Matthew by Caravaggio in a church in Rome.