Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sustainability project (2)

Finished the sustainability project at last.
My piece is a direct comment on sustainability in general.
Now I have to document the sustainable work practices I followed.
Using gloves and non toxic glues, eco aware disposal etc.

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rose said...

after having to give up fine art study a couple of years ago for
health/financial reasons, i have recently been considering a return to
NMIT. i studied jewellery/product design at the greensie campus before
going on to gold and silversmithing at RMIT.

i googled "nmit sculpture jill orr" to see if she was still teaching
at greensie (she used to when i was out there...) and that combination
of search terms returned your blog as one of the top hits.

what an inspiration and a vicarious pleasure! you have a lovely
photographic eye and i enjoyed your response to the set assignments.
really got me excited about the prospect of taking up study again...

so Thanks!