Monday, July 19, 2010

White Rabbit Museum

What a wonderful place. Three floors of fantastic Chinese contemporary art.
Here are some highlights.....

This stunning work by Xia Xiaowan (Man and Woman) 2007 on14 sheets of glass 1/4 inch thick - layers and drawn using special pencil.

These chairs made by Yan Jun 2006 (Dialogue) - made from radiator pipes

This photograph of 100 peasants who were to be moved from their homes by Jin Feng (Appeals Without Words) 2006. The peasants held blank placards representing the appeals to authorities to stop the theft of their land. The cards are blank - suggesting that they will not be read.

These tiny figures below make up the larger picture below! There are three layers. Such painstaking work. This work is by Qin Fengling and is called Scaffold.

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