Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monash Art Gallery

Three interesting exhibitions
1. Li Gang
A fascinating exhibition of Li Gang. He uses experimental photography - largely film based.
He has used hand built cameras - medium format and large format.
They are on show - stuck together with masking tape and black cloth tape.
He bought the lenses in a market in Beijing.
He was a printmaker in a previous life - and the images have a sensitivity that are crafted. Very atmospheric. He also leaves marks on the images - in a printmaker style.

Also a series of digital images snapped while he was walking to work - feet moving, blurred.
And some lomo images. He also has a home made scanner which he uses to manipulate his images.

2. Hijacked
By young Australian and German photographers. This was the exhibition we went to see, but I found the work by Li Gang more interesting.
3. Konrad Winkler
His documentation of Julie Goodwin - artist working through her post natal depression - pretty bleak.

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