Saturday, August 20, 2011

Frans Art 2011

I have completed 3 works (below) for the Frans Art fundraiser.

Frans  is an organisation that cares for people with disabilities. 
FRANS provides 30 x 40 cm blank canvases and contributors work on them and submit their works anonymously (they are displayed with no attribution - they are signed on the back). This means that  in the words of the organisors...
each piece is judged on its artistic merit and allows art lovers and investors the wonderful possibility of purchasing a bargain that they will truly enjoy."

Last year’s high profile exhibitors included Archibald Prize winner Euan Macleod, Mambo artist Reg Mombasa and contemporary artists Lindy Lee and Jenny Orchard.
The show is from Sept 28th to )ct 1 - but the works have to be sent to Sydney and the exhibition hung, so Ihave completed them this week so they are dry and ready to pack up and ship.
The forst 2 are mixed media, and the third is in oil. 

Precious World 1

 Precious World 2

 Listening to Vivaldi 

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