Friday, December 23, 2011

Duality: 2011 Banyule Award for works on paper

Since TAFE has finished I have had time to go to some galleries and take some new inspiration from established artists.
I went to the exhibition Duality: 2011 Banyule Award for works on paper.
One of the great things about these kinds of exhibitions is being reminded that there are so many different approaches and ways of making beautiful work using the same support material.
It is a pity the artist statements are not included in the catalogue and that the Banyule web site does not seem to have images for those who could not attend to get a taste of some of the interesting works on display.

I loved the imagination and enigmatic message of Adam Simmons in his work Answering Machine -  Maze byc (2009).  Beautifully constructed and so intriguing.

Emma Hensler's Nesting (2011) (below) took my interest because it was a drypoint, and this method of printmaking is so old, yet still so capable of evoking a visceral response. Her mark making and mastery of the medium was lovely to see. I am inspired!

 I grappled with monotypes this year sp when I saw Graham Brindley's Liminal Drift (2011) I was intrigued. A large work 240 x 42cm on hosho paper. Graceful, elegant ethereal. I think that often monotypes are messy and a bit crowded, but this was floating and understated. The title for the work was perfect.

I also particularly liked Lee Bethel's work Avenue of Trees (2011). It was freestanding cut paper cleverly cut and displayed with the shadows emphasising the delicate patterns of the trees.

And Michelle Watson's gouache on paper Ascension (2010) was was so beautifully executed. 

It was indeed intriguing to see such diverse approaches to 'work on paper'. There were other interesting works - artist books and Liane Gough's Cerulean Blooms - a bowl of hydrangeas fashioned from the insides of envelopes was gorgeous.
All in all an excellent exhibition.

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