Friday, February 3, 2012

End of Times

I have been busy in the studio this week - I set myself a challenge of creating works on wooden panels using encaustic (wax).
I used masonite, and started with a paper layer and then added wax and built it up. Using wax can be tricky, but using a variety of styluses on a wax tool helped control it.
I deliberately used classic colours of burnt sienna and french ultramarine - a magic combination.

That was the relatively easy part. Creating frames was the hard part.

I eventually managed to get the first image framed with a timber surround thanks to some help from John Ross. I have called it 'The Fracturing"
 I have submitted it for the 69 Smith St Gallery show "The End of Times which runs from February 8th to 26th and opens Saturday 11th Feb. 
The theme, "The End of Times" is a reference to the newspaper stories about the Mayan calendar supposedly predicting the end of times in December 2012.
I will be in Tasmania so will miss the opening. 

 The second image is also under consideration but is still a WIP - note, no frame..
Using terre verte and Naples yellow - two other favourite colours

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