Monday, May 20, 2013

World Pinhole Day

On World Pinhole Day, April 28th,  I went to a workshop run by the Melbourne Camera Club. The members very generously showed us how to make a pinhole camera.
I had taken a little chinese tin to be converted into my camera.

First we had to sand a piece of coke can down until it was very thin. (I had to do this 4 times until it was right). The pads of my fingers have only just recovered.
Then we had to poke a needle through the tin to create the hole for the light to enter.

Then a hole was drilled in my tin
Then I sprayed the inside of the can black so that light did not bounce around and shine inside....and waited for it to dry.

and waited for it to dry, and waited for it to dry......... it was a cold day, and spray paint does not dry quickly on metal on a cold day.

By around 3pm I was ready to load the camera with paper and head out to take some pictures. Some were blurry because I moved, some were under exposed.
Out of 4 or 5 I got this one good shot.
It is a hexagon shape because that was the shape of the tin.

And it is up on the World Pinhole Day site!
It was worth the whole day's effort.
And a huge thanks to the very patient folk at the melbourne CAmera Club.

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