Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ink drawing with Anna Hoyle

On Sunday I did a CAE class with Anna Hoyle

She took us through several exercises using pens, brushes, different strengths of ink and different styles of drawing.

I was very pleased with what I learnt.

The first (below) is where we wet the page in bits and let ink run

IMG_1720 (726x1024) 

This second is where we attempted a portrait ‘wet in wet’ in the style of Marlene Dumas

The first image is a Dumas – the second is my attempt


IMG_1721 (751x1024)

Then drawing glassware aaarghhh!

IMG_1722 (940x1024)

These were the warm up scribbles (below)

IMG_1724 (791x1024)

This is a copy of a Henry Moore sketch – I did it with a STICK and ink.

IMG_1725 (1024x585)

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