Monday, November 11, 2013

The Garden of Sorrows

On Saturday I went to the launch at The Hill of Content bookshop of this very beautiful book of Australian fables -  written by John Hughes and illustrated by Marco Luccio. The stories are delightful - instructive and often wry in tone. The illustrations are not only masterfully executed, they complement the stories perfectly.
I intend to go to the exhibition at Steps Gallery to see the exhibition of etchings by Marco - if you cannot make it, have a look at the link here
The Steps Gallery is located Ground Floor 62 Lygon Street, Carlton South near the Trades Hall building. Melways Ref 2B F11.
 In the window of the bookshop was a display including an etching plate (below) from which one of the illustrations was taken.
This photo below does not do justice to the lovely window display

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