Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Printmaking workshops with Robin and Annie Day

After we left the Sturt Summer School on  Saturday January 11th, we went to Bowral and began a series of printmaking workshops with Robin and Annie Day - the Printmaking Sisters who specialise in non toxic printmaking techniques.

The workshops were held in a large gallery called The Milk Factory. The printmaking workshop took over the main area and we worked while the public wandered around us.

We did three sessions of 2 days each.
The first 2 days were where we learned about waterless lithography.
Instead of using big stones

we used thin aluminium plates to make lithographs. Traditional lithography is incredibly laborious and hard work involving gringing stones and heavy presses. There is an 8 page description here

The process that Robin and Annie taught us was much quicker and far less laborious.
Here are some of mine

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