Monday, July 25, 2011

Archibald Prize at Tarrawarra

At last we got to the Archibald Prize show at Tarrawarra.
There were many wonderful portraits - if you cannot get to the gallery, you can get a taste of the show by clicking here.
The winner, a portrait of Margaret Olley by Ben Quilty was quite striking - bold use of paint for such a gentle subject. But it worked, because he has captured the strength of Margaret Olley.
My favourite quote was by Ken Done.
He did a self portrait  and stated:

"This portrait took me a little over 70 years and one hour to paint"

I liked the range of techniques - such as Done's (above)

and Andrew Mezei's portrait of Professor Penny Sackett

and Fiona Lowry's portrait of Tim Silver

It was interesting to see the number of works done with acrylic, as well as the beautiful
"My Jack' a portrait of the artist's husband  by Jenny Sages- using encaustic

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