Sunday, July 10, 2011

Portrait exhibition at 69 Smith St

Being a member of an Artist Run Initiative is a great experience. The most recent initiative was to put on a show where members of the gallery painted portraits of each other. Here is the brief:

This exhibition includes an ARTIST-TO-ARTIST exchange based on the premise behind Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Strangers on a Train”(1951). In this film, two strangers meet on a train and decide to commit the perfect murder by ‘swapping’ murders. You do my murder and I’ll do yours. Similarly, the idea behind Likeness – a Portrait Exhibition is that you do my portrait and I’ll do yours.
 I was so lucky to be paired with Birgit. We spent some delightful sessions together - doing a portrait really does give one an insight into the sitter and the artist. It has been very rewarding.
I am pleased with my image of her, and I think that she has captured me perfectly. Her painting is in oils and incorporates parts of my world very astutely.
I think that they look lovely on the wall together.
These images were captured with my phone in the gallery do they are not 100% - there is reflection on the glass and the colours  the painting are a little sharp.
All of the other artists have done interesting portraits too - so the show is worth visiting.
The show is on until 24th July and the gallery is open 11-5 Wed - Sat and 12-5 on Sundays

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