Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artist book meets photo assignment

A photography assignment option for semester 2 is to use photographs in mexed media work.
I have decided to create a new list for favourite sites.
Started to create an artists book using some pictures from Cockatoo Iskand as the basis.
Incorporated them in Photoshop.

Photography assignment Semester 2 sgraffito(1)

Sgraffito and photographs is one assignment option.
Been experimenting with a variety of mediums to enhance some photographs I took last semester.
I like the look of these images - using crayon, charcoal and gesso.
These are experiments with mini lab prints.
I think I will do them with dark room developed images.
One nice thing about glossy minilab prints is that I can get monoprints from them.

Drawing at the NGV

Went back to the Stieglitz 291 exhibition at the NGV today to draw my favourite photograph.
Regents Canal by Alvin Coburn.

I found an image on the web, but it is far lighter, so you can see the midtones and the area in the bottom right hand corner more clearly.

The image in the NGV is far darker and the detail is not apparent. This is a bit irritating as I thought that I woud see more detail from the print in the gallery - whereas the web version is clearer. Still it was interesting to draw the photo.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Metropolis at the NGV

We went to see Metropolis - a science fiction film created by Austrian-German director Fritz Lang. It was produced in Germany and released in 1927.It was the most expensive silent film of the time, costing approximately 7 million Reichsmark (equivalent to around $28 million USD in 2007) to make.

The sets were striking. Stark black and white architectural images of Lang's imagined city of 2026 - based on New York which was the most modern city of the time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Favourite Photographer from Sydney Biennale

Miroslav Tichy - an eccentric photographer who used primitive home made cameras to create beautiful etherial images.  

Sydney Biennale 2008

Spent 4 days in Sydney at the biennale.
The theme was 'revolution'- which allowed for a great deal of interesting interpretation.
There were some favourites.
In particular we enjoyed the Cockatoo Island venue.
Not only was the art work interesting, the venue was stunning.
An old industrial site which has been made over for public use.
We took 450 photos between us - we initially intended to be there for one day. But we returned the next day too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

endlessly fascinating animation

Have been enjoying looking at work at
in particular the videos
What an amazing opus!

Art Deco at the NGV

Had to go and see this Art Deco at the NGV, and the kimonos at the Immigration museum.

Sheer nostalgia and elegance - both

Monday, July 7, 2008

Watercolour class

We went to the CAE and completed a one day waterclour class with Greg Alexander.
He had beautiful examples of his work.
We learned how to do some washes and how to build up a scene.
After one day we were pretty pleased with our efforts. A great teacher.
Here are my attempts

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sketching at the NGV

Spent some time at the NGV at the Otto Dix exhibition and the Latin American exhibition.

Every time I do this I see an improvement.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rick Amor

Went to the Rick Amor exhibition. Interesting to see a range of works from various periods of his artistic life.