Monday, September 30, 2013

Tapies and Spain

When I arrived in Spain some weeks ago, I saw some works by Tapies below

Having travelled around Spain and Portugal for the last few weeks I have seen these surfaces everywhere.

Fado in Coimbra Portugal

We are familiar with fado, the mournful and often dramatic music of Portugal, being sung by women. In the university town of Coimbra in Portugal we attended a performance where only men who were students or ex students of the university sang fado. The fado here was sung as part of the students' and teachers' protests especially under the dictatorship and it still has a political strain. it is also sung by young men wooing their sweethearts, and as part of the tradition of singing sentimental sings about the students' time at the university when they graduate. this performance had the young men singin in front of a large screen on which was projected scenes associated with the history of fado in Coimbra. It was a wonderful experience in a small, intimate venue.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love is a Labyrinth

All members of the 69 Smith St Gallery ARI were invited to take part in a project called "Book in a Bag".
We went to the gallery one Sunday in April and chose a bag - with a book in it..... and then make an art work responding to the book - or the bag - or both.
I chose a bag which had in it a book of Mensa maze puzzles. I have reproduced some of the puzzles and named the works "Love is a Labyrinth 1-9". It struck me that sometimes we sail easily from start to finish in finding love- like finding our way through a maze - but sometimes we run into a dead end. And we get better with practice!!!!
The show is on at the gallery from Wed 25th
September until Sunday October 13th. It will be interesting to see what everyone else has done with their book and bag.

This is the book

And these re the prints I created.