Wednesday, January 30, 2019

George Baldessin and Brett Whitely at the NGV

I was fortunate to see this exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (Federation Square) days before it ended.
Both were accomplished print makers, painters and sculptors.
Whitely's drawings are very beautiful, and Baldessin's prints are intricate.

Baldessin's pears 

 Influences of Goya's Disasters of War are very evident in Baldessin's early work (below)

Part of Whitely's zoo series in which he shows the hand of the artist
 I had not seen Whitely's sculptures before

I like this print of Baldessin's,  (below) largely because of the complex and successful composition and the elaborate use of layering

 Baldessin's large print works were ambitious and complex

Below is American Dream by Whitely. There is another third at least that is not shown here,
It is a sprawling work of collage and mixed media - largely critical of the political and social currents in America at the time. Some of the details are very personal and telling
 Detail from the work