Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brunswick St Gallery Small Works

Decided to submit a colour version of the Sedution of the City into the Brunswick Gallery Small Works competition. This opens 6pm Dec 10th at

Secret Life of the City

Entered a photomontage into the Secret Life of the City competition at 69 Smith St. The show opens officially on Saturday, but the works have been hung and the gallery is open as of today (Wednesday 24th).
Here is my entry.

Pigment Gallery opening

Attended the opening of the fundraiser for the Butterfly foundation at Pigment Gallery last night.
I have donated an oil painting called Shadowland
There is a silent auction that goes on until 27th November.
I hope that my work raises a decent sum for the cause.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Secret Life of the City - 69 Smith St competition

Have been working on my entry for the show - it is close to completion...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pantalica near Syracuse

Starting to look through my photos from the trip to Sicily.
I know why I lugged my big camera on the walk around the gorges of Pantelica. I like these images very much

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ian Parry

Gorgeous landscape paintings at James Makin Gallery by Ian Parry. The exhibition does not start until next week but I managed to see it before it was hung. Delicious layering and colour combinations.
Best seen in the gallery rather than inthese images - you can appreciate the texture close up.

Monash Art Gallery

Three interesting exhibitions
1. Li Gang
A fascinating exhibition of Li Gang. He uses experimental photography - largely film based.
He has used hand built cameras - medium format and large format.
They are on show - stuck together with masking tape and black cloth tape.
He bought the lenses in a market in Beijing.
He was a printmaker in a previous life - and the images have a sensitivity that are crafted. Very atmospheric. He also leaves marks on the images - in a printmaker style.

Also a series of digital images snapped while he was walking to work - feet moving, blurred.
And some lomo images. He also has a home made scanner which he uses to manipulate his images.

2. Hijacked
By young Australian and German photographers. This was the exhibition we went to see, but I found the work by Li Gang more interesting.
3. Konrad Winkler
His documentation of Julie Goodwin - artist working through her post natal depression - pretty bleak.

I have a web site

Yes I created it last week when I realised that the Focus11 Show ws opening and I had had cards printed with a web address on them. But no www.
So here it is