Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our lovely teacher Sebastiana

We have spent two weeks learning Italian at Languages Point in Porto Torres with the lovely Sebastiana - who is known by her diminutive Bastiananina. She was an excellent teacher very patient and flexible, very experienced and extremely well prepared. We have had a wonderful 2 weeks with her. It could not have been better.

Last walk to school

Today was the last time I was to walk this route. It has become familiar and the landmarks are in my head.
                                                                                                            ..past the green door

 past the pink and blue building

 past the cats again

 past the house with the wonderful geraniums

 past the bottles of oil put out for collection by the recycling people

 turn right at the bar

 past the fish shop - which is never open

 and to school for the very last time. 
We have had a wonderful time here and have enjoyed our time at the school Languages  Point, very much.

Early Morning to evening

Can't get tired of looking at this view from our dining/sitting room.

My route to school in Porto Torres

This is my route to school. It looks like pictures from an Italian language text book.
                                                                                                                      First we go up the street.....

 past the garage

 past the house with the cersmic display

 past the turn off to the royal hotel

 past the school where the mothers have heated discussions outside the gate

 past the bread shop

 past the butcher

 past the house with the horses

 past the house with the splendid vegetable garden

 past the street of the cats

 a coffee at our preferred bar

 and then to school.  
I will miss this walk - tomorrow is the last time  I will do it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Views of Asinara

Images from the trip we took with Anna Lisa from AsinarAventurra. She was a super guide who took us off the track on this deserted island. A capable and friendly guide who was very knowledgeable really made this day a treat.

Plants on Asinara

Today we went to Asinara, an island off the northwest coast of Sardinia. It has has a checkered past being a penal colony, a hospital and a place for fishermen to stop. Now it has been cleared of settlement and is a sanctuary for white donkeys, goats and wild sheep. Few large tree grow and the plant life in spring is very orange. Euphorbia, lichen and a relative of the fennel family feature below.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Basilica of St Gavino

In 303 AD a Roman soldier called Gavino was martyred here. This basilica is the destination of pilgrims who walk here from surrounding villages at Pentecost to honour three martyrs - the 2 others being Protus and Januarius. it is a beautiful, simple church.

and here are the three martyrs resting from being paraded

and here is St 
 Galvino on a horse, of course

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apartments Porto Torres

The architecture is very blockish

Around Porto Torres

There is a film set atmosphere here sometimes.

Evening walk in Porto Torres

Tonight we went for a walk along the seafront. This area is very pretty. Around the corner are industrial oil refineries and factories but this area is serene and green and peaceful. Lots of people out for a stroll. We are the only tourists we have seen all week. Apparently that changes in summer (according to the lady in the ice cream shop). Yes... succumbed to the gelato and the delicious cheese and pasta, pizza and white wine.