Monday, April 16, 2012

Bound by the Book Exhibition

The Bound by the Book exhibition opening was last Saturday.
My contribution was a series of work titled "The Comfort of Books".

The main subjects are Mills and Boon stories - which provide great enjoyment and comfort for many readers. Many readers over many years have taken solace in the romance and optimism of the stories which are reflected in the covers.

The exhibition is on at 69 Smith St Gallery 
Hours are 11-5pm Wed - Sat and 12.00 - 5pm on Sunday.
Until April 29th.

Dancers at Heidelberg Elderly Citizen's Centre

Ballroom dancing is a very popular activity for elderly citizens. It has many advantages - it provides a great physical work out, the mind is engaged - very - and it provides a great opportunity to socialise.
These people were wonderful dancers and are a great advertisement for this activity to keep you fit.

It is a huge challenge photographing moving people! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Autumn walkabout

Autumn is a wonderful season for walking about with a camera. The light is magical.

The light on the station at Thorbury was very attractive

 Railway tracks have such a fascination

Blue skies, yellow light

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Wasteland series

I have been working on a series of paintings incorporating mixed media. The inspiration has been T.S. Eliot's poem The Wasteland.
Six smallish canvases arranged in a grid.
I have been inspired by Anselm Kiefer and Tapies.
I am very pleased with these as I have been working on them for a few weeks and their evolution has been exciting.

The last fingers of leaf clutch and sink into the wet bank

What are the roots that clutch, what branches gro
Out of this stony rubbish?

 In the faint moonlight, the grass is singing

The wind crosses the brown land, unheard

Here is no water, but only rock

Ringed by the flat horizon only
what is the city over the mountain, 
cracks and reforms in bursts on the violet air