Friday, January 16, 2015

More Vegetable and Fruit Pictures

These are photos taken by our lovely teacher Charlotte - works in progress with the subjects in view.

 Below is the work done by the class - a cornucopia

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On the road again

From Canberra to Yass... Then home.

Inspired by James Turrell

Walked out of the James Tyrrell exhibition down to the new Gallery of Contemporary Art in Canberra  ... On the way there was a shelter with these wonderful cones in the roof with a laser light roof. So the last image here  is like the view from the Tyrrell structure 'Within Without'. .... Wow!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Views from the James Turrell Within Without structure in Canberra

We went to see the
Turrell retrospective exhibition in Canberra. no photos were allowed. it was sensational. we took the opportunity to visit the permanent 
Turrell structure in Canberra, the "Within Without"dome created in 2010 near the National Gallery.

Below is the dome that you enter to view the sky through the roof.

More James Turrell

Images from the pool around the work "Within Without"

Within without

The James Turrell permanent structure in Canberra built in 2010. It is like a little observatory near the National Gallery. You sit inside and observe the sky in a round frame that is a hole in the roof..magical.

Round sculptures in Canberra

There was a  'round' ish theme today in Canberra.

More images of the studio

More images of the colorful environment in which we worked. So inspiring to work with other people

The studio for still life painting

The studio was beautifully set up by Charlotte with wonderful vegetables and fruit to use as subjects. It was such a pleasure to see the work emerging from the easels of other students. here are just a few images.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Finished Nectarines

Here is the final version of the nectarines. And a slightly better shot of the aubergines.
Summer school is finished. A great start to the year!

Nectarines gradually emerging at Sturt Summer School

They look like a "how to paint" class. But there really is no other way to get this composition right. Grid it up and measure and keep measuring. The final painting is drying at present. We have had a great week with a terrific teacher Charlotte Thodey and a talented group of classmates.

Aubergines in development

Painting of Aubergines at Sturt Summer School

The eggplants were the first painting I did at the summer school Painting Still Life with Charlotte Thodey. I cannot get the color of the aubergines right in the photo... They are really quite purple in the painting. I cannot find the instructions for setting up white balance correctly on my camera at present..