Sunday, May 8, 2016


A long day trip from Sorrento to the quaint town of Ravello and to the garden of the Villa Rufolo.  Perfect weather. Ravello the town is high up on a hillside with magnificent views. All sorts of writers and composers lived and visited here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Paestum. .. Greek and Romance settlement. Wonderfully intact temples, and the site of many interesting tombs. A well laid out museum too.


Salerno was bombed extensively during WW2. It has been rebuilt, and is an important port, as well as being a destination for Italian tourists in the summer.
The cathedral, cloisters and crypt were very beautiful.

the cloisters
the cathedral has many Byzantine influences
the crypt with the relics of St Matthew. .. highly decorated 
old Salerno 
new Salerno


A day trip down a perilous coast road to Amalfi. The highlight for us was the demo and especially the Cloisters attached ... the Cloisters of Paradise.  Also visited a very old paper making factory powered by mill water. Amalfi is picturesque and a pleasant place to wonder around.

the doumo 
the cloisters 
frescoes in the cloisters
art in the museum was impressive
the crypt
from the bus
in the town, lots of interesting paths and buildings

Sorrento, Amalfi Coast

Sorrento,  such a contrast to Ischia. One expects to see Ibsen or Goethe popping out from around the corner. It retains the Grand Tour atmosphere. The gardens are lush and extravagant  - especially in the palazzos and lavish hotels. It is a perfect place to stay as a  base for exploring the Amalfi Coast.

as there is no beach to speak of, bathing is done off pontoons/piers
elegant courtyards
the main town is on a cliff!

we went to this evening of opera and Neopolitan songs, in a palazzo!
interesting photography exhibition 
lots of English tourists in Sorrento. .. 
an open air portico outside a working man's club where men play cards

a detail from the fresco