Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Even more pictures of Persepolis

More images.

More images of Persepolis

The carvings are exquisite.


What to say? A visit to Persepolis leaves one speechless. The splendour of the site is overwhelming.
It was built by Darius I in the 6th century BC  as a ceremonial site where representatives of many nations as well as Persians came to pay their respects.
Images of those paying tribute, as well as images of power adorn the walls snd gates.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tomb of Darius and Xerxes

Hewn into the rockface, the site of Naqsh-e Rostan is where it is believed that Darius I, Xerxes and Darius II were buried.
Darius I died 486BC.
There are also Sassanian (c. 260 AD) stone reliefs cut into the rock below the tombs.
There is also a Zoroastrian fire temple at the site.

Qavam house and garden

Qavam House (aka "Narenjestan e Ghavam") is a traditional and historical 19th century  house in Shiraz.  The garden is very pretty.
The house was used to receive dignitaries. It is highly decorated with mirror work, tiles and paintings.

Eram Botanical Garden Shiraz

This garden is a very popular place to visit. 
Shiraz is renowned as a city of roses, poetry and nightingales. Have seen lots of roses.

The tomb of Hafiz

Hafiz was and is the most famous Persian poet. His poems are much loved by Iranians.
People flock to his tomb and the gardens surrounding it, and read his poetry there.

Rouhollah Bazaar Shiraz

A Persian bazaar selling spices, carpets, baubles, bangles and beads.

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque Shiraz

This is also called the Pink Mosque because of the predominant colour of the tiles.
The courtyard is decorated with many  tiles and the mosque itself to one side,  has beautiful glass windows.

Madraseh-ye Khan Shiraz

Imam Gholi Khan, governor of Fars, founded this serene theological college for around 100 students in 1615. It is in use today, and we were fortuanate to be able to visit it and see students and teachers talking and strolling in the  gardens. The perfume of orange blossom wafted through the air.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Kashan Fin Garden

While in Kashan we visited the Fin Garden
...established centuries ago by the Safavid rulers and then extended over time.
In the pavilion there were beautiful decorations on the under sides of the arches.

Travelling from Abyaneh to Yazd

Blue sky, arid landscape and trucks.