Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sydney in June

 A visit to Sydney would not be complete without a visit to the White Rabbit Collection. There is always a great selection of new works to see.
The exhibition I saw was called SMASH PALACE, which runs until August. It surveys the reactions of China’s best contemporary artists to the shocks of the new century. 
Cheng Dapeng and Zhou Jie create surreal cities using, respectively, cutting-edge 3D printing and traditional ceramics. Here are some images of these creations made through 3D printing. They were intriguing - the first art I have seen using 3D printing.

And there was a striking installation of old oil lamps, arranged on the floor of one of the gallery rooms. Each was hand made, and would have once been one of the most important items in a Chinese house. Now these lamps have been discarded, but each has is diffeernt, and has a story and a history