Saturday, July 31, 2010

Portrait with Large Format Camera

We are learning to use a 5x4 camera - the film (which measures 5x4 inches) is loaded in sheets into a large camera. After much fiddling around an exposure is made, then developed and tweaked in the dark room. Below are the digital images I took of our subject - Chris Lock, who was so very very patient while we adjusted and changed his pose,, the lights, the focus and everything.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Centre for Contemporary Photography - Kodak Salon

This is the photograph I have submitted for the Centre for Contemporary Photography - Kodak Salon. It opens Thursday 29th July.

I also submitted it for the Brunswick Street Gallery Exhibition called Picture This

Monday, July 19, 2010

White Rabbit Museum

What a wonderful place. Three floors of fantastic Chinese contemporary art.
Here are some highlights.....

This stunning work by Xia Xiaowan (Man and Woman) 2007 on14 sheets of glass 1/4 inch thick - layers and drawn using special pencil.

These chairs made by Yan Jun 2006 (Dialogue) - made from radiator pipes

This photograph of 100 peasants who were to be moved from their homes by Jin Feng (Appeals Without Words) 2006. The peasants held blank placards representing the appeals to authorities to stop the theft of their land. The cards are blank - suggesting that they will not be read.

These tiny figures below make up the larger picture below! There are three layers. Such painstaking work. This work is by Qin Fengling and is called Scaffold.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sydney Biennale - Cockatoo Island

Spent they day at Cockatoo Island enjoying the wonderful exibitions that were part of the Biennale,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

As I walked Out - photography exhibition

This opens on Saturday 3rd July at 69 Smith St Gallery Collingwood at 4pm.
This is the image on the invitation. I have 3 works in the exhibition
The exhibition runs until July 17th 2010.

I wrote the media release below:

As I walked Out is the title of the first exhibition by members of 69 Smith St Gallery who have been meeting over the last twelve months to share their interest in photography.

The inspiration for the title came from the memoir by Laurie Lee As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning. It is the story of how, in the 1930s, he leaves the security of his village in Gloucestershire to start a new life, at the same time embarking on an epic journey to Spain by foot. His colourful descriptions from the utterly squalid to the utterly beautiful evocatively capture the spirit and atmosphere of the towns and countryside he passes. Most importantly, he sees the world in a completely new light, and he is changed by what he sees and experiences.

It is with the same sense of anticipation and eagerness to see the world in a new way that the contributors to this exhibition walked out, - camera in hand, eager to leave the security of our day to day view of the world in order to see new possibilities and perspectives.

When we look through the lens we begin to select and shape what we see and what we want to convey to others - we are the acutely aware of the freedom that the camera allows us to capture and interpret our worlds.
This framed observation of the world can be surprising and exhilarating, poignant and amusing.

We have been changed by the experience of walking out and closely observing our world; we hope that visitors to our exhibition are too.

Pinhole Exhibition at 69 Smith St

This week there are the Pinhole Camera exhibition opens at 69 Smith St.
I created this invitation from one of my images.