Sunday, May 17, 2015

Collinas, Sardinia

This BNB was called La Serena near a tiny town  called Collinas. It was indeed serene and a little slice of paradise: fruit trees, home made jams and a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants. Out host family was super: they explained that it was easy to get to Barumini where there was a major nuraghe complex and museum. The visit to the nuraghe became a highlight of out trip. But equally, the pleasure of talking to people: meeting Carlos and his wife was the most delightful culmination of our tour in Sardinia. Everywhere we have met with kindness, warmth and enthusiasm. We called in to the local church and we were once again struck by the devotion and care with which these elegant local churches are maintained. Fresh flowers and evidence of a simple, sincere lived faith.

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